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The offer and sale of products on our web site ("") are governed by these Terms and Conditions, applies to the sale to consumers. It ensures compliance with Community Legislation as the sale of goods directly to consumers within the European Community.
Perle D'Arte is a registered trademark, used for the sale of products made from the company of Perle d'Arte di Tumiotto Chiara & C., with VAT 03284610262, legal and operating in ITALY, address is Via Roma, 86-31050 Monastier Treviso (TV). You can ask any question Perle d'Arte at the following contacts: Telephone and Fax +39 0422 898037. Mail:

1. How to purchase online on

To conclude the purchase of one or more products on, you choose the products and related ancillary information, as well as' providing your identity and essential contact details by following the instructions given while using the site. The phase is defined "Registration": during this phase will be allowed to choose a password for access the site and see your profile, the orders made, with the ability to print them and pay them. The submission of the order results in the sending to the firm Perle d'Arte of a order proposal in PDF format. A copy is sent to your email address provided during registration. In the shortest possible time, the company answers for the order acceptance, or with any comments necessary to conclude the negotiations commercial, or with an order rejection. The proposed order contains a summary of the General Conditions Sales, information on the characteristics of each product ordered and its price (including all applicable taxes), means of payment, the mode of delivery of products purchased, the conditions for the exercise of right of withdrawal and the manner and timing of product returns purchased.
Delivery costs and delivery times can be quantified only after receipt of the order proposal. Products availability is cheched as well as the precise quantification of the shipping costs. After verification of availability of goods and shipping, as well as the correctness of the data provided, Perle d'Arte sends you the order confirmation, completed of shipping costs, the indication of delivery times, and payment information.
The purchase contract is concluded with the receipt of full payment by Perle d'Arte. Until payment of the amount, no contracts are concluded by the parties, which are then free to give buy / sale, without paying any penalty. Perle d'Arte reserves the right to terminate the contract of sale within 5 days from receipt of the amount by giving providing notice to the purchaser and refund the entire amount received. Before purchasing products online, by transmitting the order form, you will be asked to carefully read the Terms and Conditions, and confirm acceptance by selecting the corresponding field.

Perle d'Arte can not process purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or in case of unavailability of products. In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail that the contract is not concluded specifying the reasons, within 30 days. If the order has been payed, the total amount will be refund. With the transmission of the order proposal, you agree to observe in the relationships with Perle d'Arte, these Terms and Conditions. I f you do not agree with some of the terms in conditions General Sale, please do not submit any order proposal.

2. Guarantees and prices

Perle d'Arte are offers for sale first quality products. Perle d'Arte do not sell used products, irregular or inferior to the corresponding standard offered on the market. Perle d'Arte, in the event of exercising your right of withdrawal, has the right not to accept returned products that have been altered in their original status or have been used or damaged.

3. Payments

The payment of the price of products and shipping costs may be made:

  • by Bank Transfer
  • by Cash on delivery
  • online with credit card

4. Shipping and delivery of products

Upon receipt of payment, Perle d'Arte will activate for the shipment the goods, informing the customer.

5. Customer Service

You can ask any question to Perle d'Arte through our services Support: Email: Phone and Fax: +39 0422 898037.


The purchases on our site are subject to the discipline of Italian Leg. 185, 22/05/1999 , dictated in the argument of distance contracts. The importance of that legislation is embodied in the forecast, for the purchaser of the right of withdrawal.

6.1 Who applies the right of withdrawal?

The legislation provides that the right of withdrawal is exercised by natural persons (consumers) acting for purposes that are unrelated to their business.
The right of withdrawal, then, can not be exercised :
- For legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to business
- From the dealers or persons who in any way purchase for resale to third parties.

6.2 What is the right of withdrawal?

Is the right to cancel the contract within 10 working days receipt of goods, by returning to the seller of the goods being purchase. It should be noted that in case of promotions, in which the purchase of an asset is combined with another well (sold at a nominal price or even given) the right of withdrawal will be legitimately exercised with the return of both goods purchased.

6.3 How is the return policy?

The right of withdrawal for items purchased from our order shall be exercised by contacting our office via e-mail, telephone or fax. The refund will be performed only if following terms and conditions are strictly respected:

- Products returned must be in perfect integrity and (if it is provided) packed in in its original packaging. Packaging itsselft must be in good condition.
- Receipt of all relevant documentation and accessory equipment.
- Expenses for return of items subject to withdrawal shall be borne solely of the customer.
- Customer bears the sole responsibility of the successful the back expedition itself. Therefore it is recommended (especially in the presence of items value) the use of insurance.
- Perle d'Arte reserves the right - after notice to the customer - to cut the amount owed the sum which may be necessary commissioning of the items that fall restore damaged or worn.
- Perle d'Artes also reserves the right to reject the goods prevented in a manner differing from the above procedure. Items will be returned to the customer with shipping costs against him.

6.4 Where to direct the return shipping?

Everything must be sent to:
Perle d'Arte, Via Roma 86, 31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV).

6.5 How long after the amount refund will occur?

Within 30 working days from receipt of goods, Perle d'Arte will refund to the customer the amount already paid, less the expenses incurred for the reasons mentioned above.
This is in accordance to art. 5, paragraph 6, of Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999 .

7. Time and manner for refunding

After returning products, Perle d'Arte provides the necessary investigations relating to compliance with the same conditions and time limits specified in Paragraph 6. In the case in which the checks are successfully concluded, Perle d'Arte send via e-mail about the acceptance of products so returned. Whatever the mode of payment you used, the refund is activated by Perle d'Arte within thirty (30) days from the date on which Perle d'Arte became aware of your Right of withdrawal, after verification the correct implementation of your right of withdrawal and acceptance of products returned. Refund will be done, in any case, against those who made the original payment.


In the event that the courier delivers in the customer with a visibly packing damaged, Perle d'Arte recommended to accept the goods on the document by affixing Transport the reason " visibly damaged goods with packaging "
The customer should then contact promptly and in any case, no longer than 8 days our staff, who will open a practice of damage to the replacement of the goods.
The same procedure must be activated using the above indicated also in the event of damage of the product.
In the event that the customer contacts the offices of Perle d'Arte after 8 days, Perle d'Arte is free to decide to not open a practice of corruption involving the replacement of the goods.

8. Privacy

You will find information on how we treat your personal information by accessing the Privacy page. For any other information about privacy policy you can send requests to the following address or at our headquarters in ITALY: Via Roma 86, 31050 Monastier Treviso (TV). All information relating to Privacy Perle d'Arte.

9. Responsibility of Perle d'Arte

Perle d'Arte assumes no liability for disruptions caused of force majeure of any nature and kind. Examples of force majeure are: the provisions of the Public Authority, the strike of the employees, the strike of carriers.

10. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular September 6, 2005 by Legislative Decree n. 206 on distance contracts and April 9, 2003 by Legislative Decree n. 70 on certain aspects of the trade electronic.

11. Edit and update

The General Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due of potential regulatory changes. The new Terms of Sale will be effective from the date of publication of