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pair of Tango dancers H. 278 mm. Price list: € 69,50 Details
MOTORCYCLE SMALL W / P dimensioni di test Price list: € 38,30 Details
Ballerina OFELIA H. 286 mm. Price list: € 51,30 Details
FERRARI TESTAROSSA L. 100 mm. Price list: € 41,75 Details
MOTO GP small L. 100 mm. Price list: € 38,30 Details
CAR FORMULA 1 L. 140 mm. Price list: € 41,75 Details

Glass accessories: Decorated glass accessories. Glass sculpures.

In this section we introduce a wide range of glass accessories: they are sculptures great to meet anyone’s taste.
Hand-decorated glass accessories.

Glass accessories and sculptures by "Perle d’Arte" are all hand-decorated in our handicraft laboratory for glass and crystal decoration in Monastier. All products are sold with a certificate of authenticity.