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Decorated crystal and glass: choosing the shapes

The transparency of glass, reaching its maximum brightness in crystal, grants to the objects made of this material an unquestioned charm. The greatness of the decorator is shown in enhancing the characteristics of glass rather than in covering or transforming them.

The glass decorator is, first of all, a person appreciating glass in itself, recognizing aesthetic perfection in the absolute neutrality of transparency. Some crystal pieces have such a high performance that can be appreciated fully even if not decorated.

Besides the considerations on the emotions aroused by the material in itself, the first step to create decorated crystal and glass is the choice of the shape..
A wide range of glass objects suitable for decoration is available on the market. Beauty and aesthetic of the object springs from the shape and from the colours that are inspired by it.

Chiara Tumiotto

La fase della decorazione: l'Arte nella pittura del vetro

My name is Chiara Tumiotto and I have been a decorator for a lot of years.

My passion and the experience gained through the years have stimulated me day after day to decorate glass and crystal pieces because they are precious materials, generous in giving emotions to the decorator and to the admirer.

Each piece selected to be decorated must inspire me a play of colours, a design, geometries and shapes. When I sit at my work table, I start decorating to convey a message that is translated into the desire to meet colours and shapes. Seeing the wonder in the eyes of our costumer is priceless, because they appreciate the final result of a long process.

My aim is to create pieces that convey harmony, delicacy y and elegance: sometimes by following the lines of the object to valorize its features, sometimes by giving the object a personal touch that follows the course of my emotions while I am decorating. The material and the techniques I use allow me to play with the object I am decorating, that’s why details and shades become protagonist.

Still today, after so many years, I feel the same enthusiasm of the first day of my profession. The exact same feeling of love!

-- Chiara Tumiotto